Conan Exiles Combo Damage Build: Best Attributes, Armor, Skills, More (2024)

Become the most ruthless warrior by one-shooting enemies with maximum damage in this guide for the Combo Damage build in Conan Exiles

Surviving The Exiled Lands and the Isle of Siptah will encounter powerful enemies that can overwhelm and overpower you if you're unprepared for the battle. Not every playstyle will work for all players, but if you want to maximize your damage output on brute strength alone, one specific build is catered to this type of play.

We have previously covered a God-Tier Strength build, but this build further increases Strength damage output without needing Thralls and utilizing a two-handed sword to chop enemies down. If you’re clamoring to learn more about this Combo Damage build, continue reading as we’ve provided the full guide on the Combo Damage build, complete with Attributes, armor, weapons, and more for Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery.

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  • Best Combo Damage Build In Conan Exiles Age Of Sorcery

Best Combo Damage Build In Conan Exiles Age Of Sorcery

The Combo Damage build's primary goal is to have a maximum damage output using Strength Damage Weapons and bonuses gained from your armor to essentially "one-shot" enemies. While a considerable focus of this build is on your Strength Attributes to reduce armor weight which can hinder movement speed, you will be opting to wield two-handed weapons that scale with the Attribute.

This build has the potential to deal large amounts of raw damage, around 600 Strength damage to enemies, which is the highest for most builds. It makes it much easier and more fun to play with, especially for new and veteran players, so let's look at the Combo Damage build for Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery.

Best Attributes, Stats & Perks For Combo Damage Build

This build is an upgraded version of the Strength build we've previously covered; however, it makes several tweaks to the Attributes system and armor and weapon options. Additionally, it does forgo the Glutton for Punishment perk, but you can rotate it in this build to maximize your damage output.

If you want to get the Glutton for Punishment perk, you can sacrifice the Backstab perk and place the extra Attribute points into Vitality. Another option is to take all the points from Expertise and put them into Vitality to get the Glutton for Punishment perk.

Let’s take a look at all the required Attributes for the Combo Damage build, including all the stats and which perks to unlock:

  • Strength: 20 (Max) / 9 Corrupted
  • Agility: 5
  • Vitality: 15
  • Authority: 0
  • Grit: 15
  • Expertise: 5


Choosing the Strength Attribute determines the damage dealt by Strength-based weapons and increases your load. Additionally, you’ll gain bonuses for increased armor and damage under different conditions, but you will corrupt one perk for this build for increased damage output.

  • Scourge: You will deal bonus damage which scales with Corrupted Strength.
  • Second Skin: All equipped armor pieces or an armor set will have their weight reduced by 25%.
  • Blood-mad Berserker: If you drop below 25% health, you won’t get staggered or knocked down, but your damage will be increased by 10%, and you will gain 50 Armor.


This Attribute premises on boosting your damage output from Agility-based weapons. Additionally, you can gain armor penetration; any movement will reduce Stamina but make you much faster and gain some Stamina back.

  • Backstab: Attacks from behind will deal 15% increased damage.


The Vitality attribute primarily deals with your health or HP, which you’ll max out to gain the various perks for this build. You’ll need as much HP regeneration as possible, so you’ll be spending much of your Attribute points in Vitality.

  • Fierce Vitality: You will gain passive health regeneration.
  • Fast Healer: Healing effects will give you 50% increased healing.
  • Robust: Your max HP will be increased by 100.


The Grit attribute will influence your Stamina pool's size and directly affect the armor equipped. As HP and Stamina will be a massive issue with this build due to the Armor weight, you’ll need to get the perks to help you regain that Stamina.

  • Tenacity: Your armor is increased by 40 and your Stamina by 20.
  • Endurance: Stamina regenerates 25% faster.
  • Defensive Posture: Incoming damage will be 15% less when attacking or blocking.


The final Attribute category deals with the encumbrance: how much load or weight you can carry and which armor, weapons, and tools can contribute. This will affect your Stamina as the heavier the load, the more Stamina will be used to perform actions like dashing, running, and sprinting.

  • Survivalist: All tools can lose their Durability 50% faster while hunger and thirst decrease 33% slower.

Best Weapons & Armor For Combo Damage Build

Your armor options will need to scale with the Strength Attribute, as you need armor that gives you a Strength Weapon Damage bonus. While some great Heavy Armor sets can grant you this specific bonus, however, various armor pieces can award you with a higher damage bonus which we’ve listed below:

  • Executioner Hood: 6% Strength Weapon Damage bonus
  • Voidforged Dragon Ribs: 8% Strength Weapon Damage bonus
  • Godbreaker Grips: 5% Strength Weapon Damage bonus
  • Hyperborean Slaver Loincloth: 5% Strength Weapon Damage bonus
  • Hyperborean Slaver Boots: 5% Strength Weapon Damage bonus

Farming the hood, chest piece, and arm pieces can be difficult for many players; however, you can utilize the Hyperborean Slaver armor set until you get the blueprints for the armor pieces, as mentioned earlier. You’ll use heavy weaponry, specifically two-handed weapons like the Blade of the Adventurer, Telith’s Sorrow, and the Great Sword of the Grey Ones if you’re on the Isle of Siptah.

The Blade of the Adventurer is a preferred endgame weapon due to its Armor Value, Armor Penetration, and huge Health damage stats. The downside is that by applying the Master Wespon Fitting, it will lose a significant amount of Durability, and you’ll need the Legendary Weapon Repair Kit.

The Great Sword of the Grey Ones has a slight advantage over the other weapon options as it comes with a Bleed effect plus higher Armor Penetration and Health damage than the Blade of the Adventurer. But if farming for the Blade of the Adventurer is too tedious, Telith’s Sorrow is a suitable option.

Lastly, you can supplement your bonuses by buffing them up using the Elixir of Might, granting you a 15% Strength Weapon Damage bonus. You can also consume Cooked Catfish and Salted Pork for the same bonus, but Salted Pork is slightly more challenging to come by than Cooked Catfish, but either are good buff items to have nonetheless.

And that completes this guide on the best Combo Damage build in Conan Exiles, and we want to thank the YouTube channel FireSpark81 for their complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.

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Conan Exiles Combo Damage Build: Best Attributes, Armor, Skills, More (2024)


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