Conan Exiles Sorcerer Supreme Build: Best Attributes, Armor, Skills, More (2024)

Become the most powerful Sorcerer in The Exiled Lands with this Sorcerer build, including all Attributes, Armor, and Weapons in Conan Exiles.

Sorcery is the overarching theme in Conan Exiles’ Age of Sorcery which the final chapter will have you confront Kurak in The Exiled Lands. With corrupted sorceries and an overhaul to the Attribute system, you can build the best Sorcerer build to unlock and enhance your newly acquired abilities.

If you want to master sorceries and become an all-powerful sorcerer in The Exiled Lands, keep reading on as we’ve provided a comprehensive Sorcerer build, including the best attributes, armor, weapons, and more. In this guide, we’ve detailed how you can be the best Sorcerer, which can be highly effective in PvE environments in Conan Exiles.

Best Sorcerer Supreme Build In Conan Exiles Age Of Sorcery

As the Age of Sorcery concludes with the Chapter 3 update, the opportunity to face Kurak and become a powerful sorcerer is inevitable. But before you locate Kurak’s dungeon to defeat the corrupted Sorcerer, assembling the best build with a focus on sorceries could be helpful not when facing Kurak but also in PvE environments.

With the sorcerer build, it’s important to remember that your character needs a lot of corruption, which will split their HP and Stamina stats. Therefore, your build must refill your HP or Stamina (or both) to continuously hit targets and ensure your survivability.

Let’s look at the best attributes, armor, and weapons you’ll need to build the best sorcerer build in Conan Exiles:

Conan Exiles Sorcerer Supreme Build – Best Attributes, Stats & Perks

Depending on the type of Sorcerer build you want; it will influence where you’ll spend your Attribute points. If you wish to go for a sorcerer melee/axe build, you’ll need to spend your Attribute points in Strength, and for an agile, bow, or dagger build, the Agility attribute is where to spend your points.

As Agility is tied to Stamina and the character has been corrupted, it does translate to a decrease in HP and Stamina, for which it’s best to spend points in Agility. Regardless of whether you go for Strength or Agility, the same amount of points will be spent for either attribute, with the difference being that your Strength Attribute will be corrupted until the third perk.

  • Strength: 0/15
  • Agility: 20 (Max)
  • Vitality: 20 (Max)
  • Authority: 15
  • Grit: 10
  • Expertise: 0


Choosing Strength over Agility determines the damage dealt by Strength-based weapons and increases your load. As you won’t be maxing your Strength, this does let you corrupt this attribute to boost your damage output significantly.

  • Scourge: You will deal bonus damage which scales with Corrupted Strength.
  • Mule Kick: Your kicks will push back enemies before knocking them down.
  • Wrack: All blows from your strikes will subdue your enemies and reduces their damage output.


If you opt for Agility over Strength, you may get some Stamina back, boosting your damage output from Agility-based weapons. Additionally, you can gain armor penetration; any movement will reduce Stamina but make you much faster.

  • Backstab: Attacks from behind will deal 15% increased damage.
  • Precision Strike: Your armor penetration is increased by 10% if you carry a light or medium load.
  • Quickfooted: Climbing, jogging, jumping, sprinting, and swimming will cost less Stamina and will be faster.
  • Rolling Thrust: Your next attack will increase penetration by 25% after dodging, and the follow-up swing won’t cost Stamina.


The Vitality attribute primarily deals with your health or HP, which you’ll max out to gain the various perks for this build. Because you’ve corrupted your HP and Stamina, you’ll need as much HP regeneration as possible, so you’ll need to spend your points in Vitality.

  • Fierce Vitality: You will gain passive health regeneration.
  • Fast Healer: Healing effects will give you 50% increased healing.
  • Robust: Your max HP will be increased by 100.
  • Glutton for Punishment: After taking damage, the last amount of damage taken will regenerate for 15 seconds.


This attribute determines the damage your followers deal and the Concussive Damage you inflict. For this attribute, you’ll max it out to get either the Well-Trainer or War Party perk based on your preference; however, you’ll only corrupt three perks.

  • Frenzy: When in combat, any damage dealt will see your followers enter a Frenzied state which they deal 3% more damage for every corrupted Charisma Attribute.
  • Flesh Bond: Any damage you’ve taken will be split between yourself and your followers by at least 50%, giving you a massive advantage in durability.
  • Devour: All damage dealt by your followers will heal you.
  • Well-Trained: Your followers will have their attributes increased or
  • War Party: Your followers will be increased by one, with your stats no longer impacting the damage output from your followers.


The Grit attribute will influence your Stamina pool's size and directly affect the armor equipped. As HP and Stamina will be a massive issue with this build due to the Corruption levels, you’ll need to get the perks to help you regain that Stamina.

  • Tenacity: Your armor is increased by 40 and your Stamina by 20.
  • Endurance: Stamina will regenerate 25% faster.

Conan Exiles Sorcerer Supreme Build – Best Armor, Weapons & More

Depending on your attribute build, this influences the type of armor and weapon you’ll wield. If you’ve spent points in Agility, you will need Light Armor and Agility-based weapons to scale with the attribute.

In this instance, the Abyssal, Khari, and Yamatai Footsoldier armor sets fit best with the Agility-based build, as you’ll receive a bonus on HP, Stamina, and damage dealt by Agility-based weapons, respectively. The Abyssal and Khari armor sets can also work with Strength-based builds as it grants you a bonus for Strength Weapon Damage.

When crafting your armor, look for the T4 Armorers with a weight icon, as these armorers will reduce the armor weight, which helps with your Stamina. For weapons, any Agility-based weapons like bows, daggers, javelins, katanas, and short swords will work with this build, while Strength-based weapons like axes can be slotted.

In terms of kits to apply to your armor and weapons, the Master Weapon Fitting will increase your damage output and armor penetration, three Master Armor Platings (helmet, bracers, and shoes), and two Armor Reduction Kits (chest piece and leggings/trousers). The latter items will increase your armor’s durability while reducing excess weight on your armor.

And that completes this guide on the best Sorcerer build in Conan Exiles, and we want to thank the YouTube channels FireSpark81 and KiahOnFire for their complete walkthrough. Please consider subscribing to their channel and watching the video below for more details.

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Conan Exiles Sorcerer Supreme Build: Best Attributes, Armor, Skills, More (5)

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Conan Exiles Sorcerer Supreme Build: Best Attributes, Armor, Skills, More (2024)


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