Tomato and Watermelon Salad Recipe (2024)



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Leslie J

I first salt the watermelon and tomatoes for 30 min in a colander then toss with a scant bit of dressing and serve on top of a mound of arugula topped with a handful of slivered almonds. Summer heaven.

Mike Matulis

Several people mentioned mint, but I think fresh basil is better. You don't have to use a lot and cut it into thin slivers. Basil, tomato and watermelon -- what could be more summery?


I cut the watermelon up early and put in the salad bowl. Also cut up the cherry tomatoes and put into a separate bowl. Drained both before serving,mixed together, roughly chopped some fresh basil from the garden, poured over the o&V, and feta, and done. Went over really well. At this time of the year, just perfect. Light, fresh, and tasty. Will make again.

Joel Nydahl

This sounds delicious. But I hate recipes like this that invite a guessing game: How large is a "large" tomato? How small is "small" seedless watermelon? Can't we have volume or weight given? I know. I know. Specifics are not always simpodrtant. But some kind of guideline would be helpful.

Judith Norman

When I make this I add something bitter like arugula or red onions. It also benefits from a sprinkling of mint.

Jeffrey McLaughlin

This is so good its gone before anyone appreciates your well cubed tomatoes and watermelon, so I just roughly chop up the watermelon and tomatoes these days. Almost any feta works so don't beat yourself up trying to find Bulgarian feta. Same is true of the tomatoes-best ones you can get work just fine. Make sure the watermelon is cold, however as it makes the salad more delectable on a warm summer day.

Ellen Fuss

Great combination of flavors perfect for a summer barbecue. Yes there are a ton of variations on this salad but start with this basic one and add anything else you wish. Delicious as is. Use a great feta cheese. There aren't many ingredients so they all need to be top notch.I cut my watermelon and tomatoes in advance and kept them separate in the refrigerator and proceeded with the recipe just before serving.


This was ridiculously easy and ridiculously good! Everyone was very impressed when I made this for a bbq. I added chopped kalamta olives and fresh mint on top. Heaven.

Caroline M

A similar salad (similar in taste) is to simply slice red grapes (seedless) in half, slice cherry tomatoes in half--use equal parts grapes and tomatoes, add a good feta and dress with a raspberry vinaigrette.


I agree with Joel, who is asking for more specifics about size and volume of ingredients - it would be so helpful.


Ricotta salata is nice, too, instead of feta. Tomatoes and watermelon are so delicious together.

Chef Carlos

I added fresh basil and mint because the salad needed color and the extra flavor, might consider adding thin sliced red onion next time. Very tasty salad, the feta really is a nice contrast to the watermelon


1:1 amount tomatoes and watermelon, keep it very cool until the very last moment, then salt only before you serve, not earlier !
I like the dressing combined with very thinly chopped and fried bacon (4-5 oz when fresh, less when fried)- gives a crispy touch, 1 shallot chopped.
Works as well with goat cheese instead of feta.


I love adding cukes to this. I too toss together without dressing for a while and then drain. It really is summer in a bowl!

Ryan Russell

Added fresh basil and replaced sherry vinegar with balsamic vinegar


Sooooo beautiful. I cut up cukes, cherry tomatoes, peppers and watermelon into small, dice sized pieces and set them aside until dinner. Tossed with salt just before I made the dressing and then added in fresh basil, mint and parsley. An absolute winner.


Made this with cherry tomato compote, which was goodz simple, and refreshing.


Too much oil in the dressing for my taste re a light watermelon salad. I would look to one of the other watermelon salads and go from there. I ended up adding a flavored balsamic -


Amazing!!! Added a small amount of thinly sliced red onion, and purple and green thinly sliced basil for color. Served over Arugula. It tasted as good as it looked. A keeper!!

Santafe foodie

Very good! Suggestions given which worked for me: 1) keep cool until the last minute 2) salt at last minute 3) cut early and keep in colander over bowl - separated 4) I did it both with very good cherry tomatoes and with normal and was more watery with normal so consider colored cherry tomatoes which are great in summer 5) I thought mint worked very well - perhaps overwhelmed the basil.

add basil or mint

Add basil or mint

PB fan

This was so refreshing and delicious. I used cherry tomatoes that I sliced in half, and topped with some crunchy panko breadcrumbs instead of the cheese, but otherwise made as written. A total winner! The cilantro was especially wonderful with the tomatoes and watermelon. 🍉


As suggested by others, I also let the watermelon and tomatoes drain for about 30 minutes or so. I added some finely chopped red onion and mint and served it over arugula. This was a most refreshing salad and made for some yummy leftovers the next day.


Makes a great blender gazpacho minus the feta. add a seedless cuke and a scallion and pulse one. Serve with avocado chunks floating on top, or sprinkle with feta.


Pleasant surprise! I had never considered adding tomatoes to a watermelon and feta salad and it's a tangy treat! I added mint from my garden, and I feel like it made the whole dish.


3 star first time I made itSecond time used the rose vinegar which is milder and appropriately salted things, added mint, no feta and it was great

Cynthia Brown

Love this. I add chunks of small seedless cucumbers and sub cherry tomatoes cut in half. Be sure to drain liquid after salting. Bulgarian sheeps milk feta makes this outstanding. Also afdded little mint. While it can be made the day before, the watermelon gets bruised and watery. Best prepared the day of serving. So refreshing!


I wonder how this would be with blue cheese. Ran out of Feta.

Christine Whittington

Perfect! I used red tomatoes so it was monochromatic. Would be beautiful with a variety of colors! I did not have sherry vinegar, so used white balsamic.

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Tomato and Watermelon Salad Recipe (2024)


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