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What Cars Are In Insurance Group 9? (4)

Alexandre Desoutter updated on March 15, 2021

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You find it very hard to save money on your car insurance premium? But is it really?

One of the key factors affecting your insurance bill is the car insurance group your vehicle belongs to.

If you're buying a car and you want to find the cheapest insurance policy, you may want to pick a band belonging to a low insurance group. Then you can see how much it will affect your insurance quotes.

Let us guide you through the ultimate car insurance group 9 review in 2024.

What are the car insurance groups?

Any motor car registered in the UK belongs to a specific car insurance category. Which group it belongs to depends on different criteria including the car’s value, performance, and the ease and cost of vehicle repairs.

This range of factors gives providers an indicative level of your car insurance risk.

Vehicle insurance groups are ranked by the Group Rating Panel (composed of members from the Association of British Insurers - ABI) and administered by Thatcham Research, an independent and neutral organisation paid by insurers as a group . The GRP provides the group rating scheme for private and light commercial vehicles.

Car groups range from Group 1, the cheapest cars to insure, to Group 50, the most expensive ones.

Good to know

The more rare, expensive or powerful your car is, the higher is the risk and the group - and so is your insurance premium!

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  • E : exceeds requirements of security ;
  • A : acceptable ;
  • P : not enough data yet to attribute a final letter ;
  • D : car model doesn’t meet security standards ;
  • U : car model is far from security standards ;
  • G : for import cars.

Each car insurance group also gets a letter indicating how standard security features are covered.

>> MORE: consult our guide on car insurance groups.

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What does car insurance group 9 mean?

Cars in insurance Group 9 are still among the cheapest cars of the market to insure. Category 9 can be a good match for having both a good insurance deal as well as a bit more powerful vehicle than in lower insurance groups.

That said, there are plenty of other ways to cut your insurance bills such as paying a higher excess, building up a No Claim bonus, reducing your annual mileage or comparing car insurance policies by shopping around!

>> Get our 13 ways to lower your car insurance for 9.

Which cars are in insurance group 9?

This is the cars list in car insurance group 9:

Aixam400 & 500Hatchback 2000
Aixam400 & 500Minivan 2004
Alfa RomeoMitoHatchback 2009
AudiA1Hatchback 2010
AudiA1Sportback 2012
ChevroletAveoHatchback 2011
ChevroletSparkHatchback 2010
ChevroletTraxHatchback 2013
ChryslerYpsilonHatchback 2011
CitroënBerlingo MultispaceEstate 2008
CitroënC1Hatchback 2014
CitroënC3Hatchback 2002
CitroënC3Hatchback 2010
CitroënC3 AircrossSUV 2017
CitroënC3 PlurielConvertible 2003
CitroënC4Coupe 2004
CitroënC4Hatchback 2004
CitroënC4 CactusHatchback 2014
CitroënDS3Hatchback 2010
CitroënSaxoHatchback 1996
CitroënZXHatchback 1991
DaciaDusterEstate 2013
DaciaDusterSUV 2018
DaciaLoganMCV 2013
DaciaLoganMCV Stepway 2017
DaciaSanderoHatchback 2013
DaciaSanderoStepway 2013
DaewooLanosHatchback 1997
DaewooMatizHatchback 1998
DaewooNexiaHatchback 1995
DaewooNexiaSaloon 1995
Fiat500C 2009
Fiat500Hatchback 2008
Fiat500LCross 2017
Fiat500LHatchback 2012
Fiat500L MPWEstate 2013
Fiat500X4x4 2015
FiatBravoHatchback 2007
FiatDobloEstate 2001
FiatDobloEstate 2010
FiatGrande PuntoHatchback 2006
FiatPanda4x4 2012
FiatPuntoHatchback 1994
FiatPuntoHatchback 1999
FiatPuntoHatchback 2003
FiatPuntoHatchback 2012
FiatQuboEstate 2009
FiatSeicentoHatchback 1998
FiatTipoHatchback 2016
FordB-MAXEstate 2012
FordEcoSport4x4 2014
FordEscortEstate 1990
FordEscortHatchback 1990
FordFiestaHatchback 1989
FordFiestaHatchback 1995
FordFiestaHatchback 1999
FordFiestaHatchback 2002
FordFiestaHatchback 2008
FordFiestaHatchback 2017
FordFocusEstate 2005
FordFocusHatchback 1998
FordFusionEstate 2002
FordGrand Tourneo ConnectEstate 2013
FordTourneo ConnectEstate 2013
HondaCivicHatchback 2000
HyundaiGetzHatchback 2002
Hyundaii10Hatchback 2008
Hyundaii20Active 2016
Hyundaii20Hatchback 2009
Hyundaii20Hatchback 2015
Hyundaii30Fastback 2018
Hyundaii30Hatchback 2017
Hyundaii30Tourer 2012
Hyundaii30Tourer 2017
Hyundaiix20Hatchback 2010
HyundaiKonaSUV 2017
JeepRenegade4x4 2015
KiaCeedHatchback 2012
KiaCeedHatchback 2018
KiaPicantoHatchback 2004
KiaPicantoHatchback 2011
KiaProCeedHatchback 2013
KiaRioHatchback 2001
KiaRioHatchback 2011
KiaRioHatchback 2017
KiaSoulHatchback 2014
KiaVengaEstate 2010
Mazda2Hatchback 2003
Mazda2Hatchback 2007
Mazda3Hatchback 2004
Mazda121Hatchback 1996
MazdaDemioEstate 1998
Mercedes-BenzA-ClassHatchback 2005
MicrocarM-GoHatchback 2009
NissanAlmeraHatchback 1995
NissanJukeSUV 2010
NissanMicraHatchback 1993
NissanMicraHatchback 2003
NissanMicraHatchback 2010
NissanMicraHatchback 2017
NissanNoteHatchback 2013
NissanPulsarHatchback 2014
Peugeot106Hatchback 1991
Peugeot108Hatchback 2014
Peugeot206Hatchback 1998
Peugeot206SW 2002
Peugeot207Hatchback 2006
Peugeot306Estate 1997
Peugeot306Hatchback 1993
Peugeot307Estate 2002
Peugeot307Hatchback 2001
Peugeot308Hatchback 2014
Peugeot2008Estate 2013
PeugeotPartner CombiEstate 2001
PeugeotPartner TepeeEstate 2008
RenaultCaptur4x4 2013
RenaultClioHatchback 1998
RenaultClioHatchback 2001
RenaultClioHatchback 2005
RenaultClioHatchback 2012
RenaultClioHatchback 2019
RenaultClioSport Tourer 2008
RenaultGrand ModusEstate 2008
RenaultKangooEstate 2009
RenaultMeganeHatchback 1996
RenaultMeganeHatchback 2002
RenaultMeganeHatchback 2006
RenaultMeganeSaloon 1996
RenaultMeganeSaloon 2003
RenaultMeganeSaloon 2006
RenaultMeganeSport Tourer 2003
RenaultMeganeTourer 2006
RenaultModusHatchback 2004
RenaultScenicEstate 2003
RenaultTwingoHatchback 2007
Rover25Hatchback 1999
Rover25Hatchback 2004
Rover100Hatchback 1994
Rover200Hatchback 1995
RoverCityRoverHatchback 2003
SEATAlteaHatchback 2004
SEATAronaSUV 2018
SEATArosaHatchback 1997
SEATAtecaSUV 2016
SEATCordobaSaloon 2003
SEATIbizaHatchback 2002
SEATIbizaHatchback 2008
SEATIbizaHatchback 2017
SEATIbizaSport Coupe 2008
SEATIbizaST 2010
SEATLeonHatchback 2000
SEATLeonHatchback 2005
SkodaFabiaEstate 2001
SkodaFabiaEstate 2008
SkodaFabiaEstate 2015
SkodaFabiaHatchback 2000
SkodaFabiaHatchback 2007
SkodaFabiaHatchback 2015
SkodaFeliciaEstate 1995
SkodaFeliciaHatchback 1994
SkodaKamiqSUV 2019
SkodaRoomsterHatchback 2006
SkodaYetiHatchback 2009
SmartCityCabriolet 2001
SmartCityCoupe 2000
SmartForfourHatchback 2015
SmartFortwoCabriolet 2004
SmartFortwoCoupe 2004
SmartFortwoCoupe 2015
SuzukiAltoHatchback 2003
SuzukiSwiftHatchback 2010
SuzukiWagon-R+Estate 1997
SuzukiWagon-R+Estate 2000
ToyotaAurisHatchback 2007
ToyotaAurisHatchback 2012
ToyotaAurisTouring Sports 2013
ToyotaAvensisSaloon 2009
ToyotaAvensisTouring Sports 2015
ToyotaAygoHatchback 2014
ToyotaCorollaHatchback 2002
ToyotaCorollaSaloon 2002
ToyotaStarletHatchback 1996
ToyotaYarisHatchback 1999
ToyotaYarisHatchback 2006
ToyotaYarisHatchback 2011
ToyotaYarisVerso 2000
VauxhallAdamHatchback 2012
VauxhallAgilaEstate 2000
VauxhallAgilaEstate 2008
VauxhallAstraEstate 1998
VauxhallAstraEstate 2004
VauxhallAstraHatchback 1998
VauxhallAstraHatchback 2004
VauxhallAstraHatchback 2009
VauxhallAstraSaloon 1998
VauxhallAstraSports Tourer 2010
VauxhallComboLife 2018
VauxhallCorsaHatchback 1993
VauxhallCorsaHatchback 2000
VauxhallCorsaHatchback 2003
VauxhallCorsaHatchback 2006
VauxhallCorsaHatchback 2014
VauxhallMerivaEstate 2003
VauxhallMerivaEstate 2010
VolkswagenGolfEstate 1999
VolkswagenGolfHatchback 1997
VolkswagenGolfHatchback 2004
VolkswagenGolfPlus 2005
VolkswagenGolfSV 2014
VolkswagenLupoHatchback 1999
VolkswagenPoloEstate 2000
VolkswagenPoloHatchback 1994
VolkswagenPoloHatchback 2000
VolkswagenPoloHatchback 2002
VolkswagenPoloHatchback 2009
VolkswagenPoloHatchback 2017
VolkswagenPoloSaloon 2000
VolkswagenTouranEstate 2015

You would like to know which insurance group your vehicle is in? Use our car insurance group checker tool!

How much will a group 9 car insurance cost me?

Car insurance quotes vary with all sorts of factors such as drivers’ age range, address, driving experience and history and last but not least, the details of the car that is going to be insured.

You will find below indicative average price table from 5 of the most famous UK providers, for group_number insurance cars depending on age range.

Age rangeWhat Cars Are In Insurance Group 9? (5)What Cars Are In Insurance Group 9? (6)What Cars Are In Insurance Group 9? (7)What Cars Are In Insurance Group 9? (8)What Cars Are In Insurance Group 9? (9)
18 years old£4 068£1 635£1 608£1 487No quote
25 years old£2 668£1 028£1 033£968£1 159
45 years old£665£481£487£479£383

Find the car insurance that suits you best in just a few seconds!Learn more

How to compare car insurance quotes?

To insure a vehicle from insurance group_number, you may want to compare quotes from different providers of the market (Admiral, Tesco, Elephant, Diamond etc.). Prices and level of coverage in front may however be very different from one to another.

You can use our comparator. Answer 5 anonymous questions (type of car, age, address, type of cover wanted and driving history) and compare real quotes from all the main providers of the market.

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Now, let's delve into the information related to the concepts used in the provided article about car insurance groups, specifically focusing on Car Insurance Group 9.

Car Insurance Groups:

Car insurance groups categorize vehicles based on criteria such as value, performance, and the ease and cost of vehicle repairs. These groups are determined by the Group Rating Panel (GRP), which consists of members from the Association of British Insurers (ABI). Thatcham Research, an independent organization paid by insurers, administers the group rating scheme for private and light commercial vehicles. Car groups range from Group 1 (cheapest to insure) to Group 50 (most expensive).

Car Insurance Group 9:

Cars in insurance Group 9 are among the more affordable vehicles to insure. Category 9 can be a good choice for those seeking a balance between a favorable insurance deal and a slightly more powerful vehicle than lower insurance groups. It's important to note that various factors, including the car's value, performance, and repair costs, contribute to its insurance group.

List of Cars in Insurance Group 9:

The article provides an extensive list of cars in insurance Group 9, ranging from different makes and models, such as Audi, Chevrolet, Fiat, Ford, Hyundai, Kia, Renault, Toyota, Volkswagen, and many more. This list serves as a valuable resource for individuals looking to identify which cars fall within this insurance group.

Cost of Group 9 Car Insurance:

The cost of car insurance for Group 9 vehicles varies based on factors such as age, address, driving experience, and the car's details. The article offers an indicative average price table from five prominent UK providers for different age ranges.

How to Compare Car Insurance Quotes:

To find the best insurance deal for a Group 9 car, the article recommends comparing quotes from different providers, such as Admiral, Tesco, Elephant, Diamond, etc. It emphasizes that prices and coverage levels may vary significantly among providers.

In conclusion, understanding car insurance groups, especially Group 9, can help individuals make informed decisions when selecting a vehicle and obtaining insurance coverage. If you have a specific question or need further details, feel free to ask.

What Cars Are In Insurance Group 9? (2024)


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